Welcome to the Fakemon FireRed Wikia

This wiki will mainly contain info on the Fakemon found in the ROM Hack, Fakemon FireRed.

Feel free to check out my first project, Pekin's Ruby Hack. It's dead now, in favor of this project, but unlike this project, it's at least finished and playable.

Fakemon FireRed

Fakemon FireRed is a ROM Hack of Pokémon FireRed that I'm working on. As of the current release it's basically an early alpha, I guess, but eventually, the game will be FireRed, but only with Fakemon. And with a bunch of other features.

Features so far:

  • The Physical/Special Split including visual indicators. This was my nemesis working on my Ruby hack, never got it to work. I don't even want to talk about that. :(
  • The Fairy-type!
  • The Cosmic-type! Still working on a page for it.
  • The Digital-type! Still working on a page for it.
  • A ton of new moves. A lot of new moves from later generations, but also a few completely original ones, like Iron Leech, Acid Burn and Arctic Spear. I will probably make wiki pages for these moves. Eventually. Working on a page for those moves now. Not finished yet.
  • A ton of new abilities. No completely original abilities yet, but a lot of newer abilities like Technician, No Guard, Bulletproof and Skill Link are included in the hack.
  • A ton of new items. Stuff like Eviolite, Assault Vest and a couple others. A few completely original evolution stones are included, as well.
  • And of course, Fakemon. The game still has legit Pokémon, but the entire game up until entering Lavender Town should be completely free of any legit Pokémon - only Fakemon. I have edited a tiny bit of wild Pokémon data further into the game, but I haven't edited Trainer data any further into the game than that.
  • Running indoors! Obviously the best feature, I know.
  • A day/night system that (so far) is purely aesthetic.
  • The repel system of BW2. ("The repel wore off, would you like to use another?" That thing.)

Here are some of my goals for this hack:

  • Make the game consist of only Fakemon. Remove every single legit Pokémon. Possibly even the legendaries. This is the big one. The Fakemon will be overall much higher quality than in my previous hack, but I'm well aware that not every sprite is official Nintendo quality, and if Fakemon are not your thing, that's cool, then this hack probably isn't for you.
  • Expand on the Kanto region and add a "subplot". I want to add more maps to explore to the Kanto region and the Sevii Islands. These will ideally include a subplot that slowly plays out alongside the story of FireRed and eventually leads up to a bigger story that allows for some decent post-game content. I have some ideas, but that's all that is for now - ideas. It's in the (very) distant future.

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